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Monday to Sundays: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Your Go-To Online Bakery

We are an online shop that offers specialty cupcakes at affordable prices.

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About Our Cupcake Shop 

Simply Cupcakes of Portland is an online bakery that offers an extensive selection of cupcakes for parties. We make everything accessible for our customers in the Portland Metro Area through this interactive website. Our resident cupcake maker started this business in 2018 while she was also mastering her baking skills. Read on to learn more about her.

Meet Our Resident Baker

“I’ve always wanted to own a business, and my friends kept telling me that I was an excellent baker. After many years that they were pushing me to pursue this path, I established Simply Cupcakes of Portland. I’m the owner, the baker, and the cupcake maker of this local and family-owned “cupcakery.” This business is not a franchise or a chain.

My shop offers a variety of cupcakes to choose from. My cupcakes are made from scratch, and everything is made to order. I only use the freshest and finest ingredients available. I use premium-grade chocolate, sweet cream butter, whole milk, and vanilla. I never use shortening or lard in my cupcakes or frostings.

My cupcakes are perfect for your next party, meeting, birthday, personal or corporate gathering, or other special events. Please call or email me for your next celebration.”

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